New Journey CCIE DC!!

Excited and very interesting topic to start !! Finally the day come which i planned to start my CCIE Data Center Version 2 studies which will be a bit different approach then what i have done with my other CCIE’s. This will be tough and enjoyable journey. I will schedule my plans according the method which i followed with other […]

Cisco ASA Dual Scenario Setup

Hey Folks, After a while having fun passing CCIE SECURITY a break and here i come with a new concept which might be a good case to discuss and implement, we have many scenarios already setup for Active/Standby or Active/Active for Cisco ASA Firewall, but what if we want to have both scenarios in same setup.. Here in this lab i […]


Hey Folks, I remember once i read the article “Triple CCIE” and thought what? will how it feels being as Triple CCIE holder and what you need to do? let’s reach the time where the guy is feeling the same, and finally after hard working in done and achieved my CCIE in SECURITY probably the toughest in CCIE history, well […]

VPNs for CCIE Candidates

VPNs for CCIE Candidates ?? A much needed topic when i was doing my practice and studies for CCIE RS and SEC tracks, since i am doing now my CCIE SEC preparation i would love to draft this topic in a professional and understandable manner which combines the methods and types of VPNs’ which are mostly used on IOS and […]

CCIE Sec Prep Update

Training and learing new parts are always fun and when it comes to the networking. Well after doing busy projects and other works, i somehow managed to make a good schedule for my CCIE Security training, as posted before ““ the plan will be same and it will be followed accordingly. Well started first book “ Cisco ASA: All-in-One Firewall, […]


Folks, After long time, here i came back to blogging, and would like to start my preparation for CCIE Security Version 4 after i successfully passed my CCIE Service Provider back in October. During this period i start my CISSP Course, which was quite interesting at the beginning and i start the Book Written by Steven Harnandes which was CBK […]