Mnemonics is derived from a Greek word “mnemonikós”, which means Mind, this learning technique is used for information intention.  Mnemonics allows us to easily transform unrelated information into a form which is easily understood by our brain than its original form. In simple words, it helps us to remember unrelated information easily.

Here is a technique to remember a list of unrelated items in order using Mnemonics:

  • Start at the top of the list and make up a simple story connecting the first item to the next.
  • Continue by connecting the second item to the third, and so on.
  • When your story is done and the list is removed, you’ll have a mental picture of  that story, as you recall its progression, it will lead you from one remembered item to the next.

For example, if you want to remember bridge selection process in Switches.

The normal order is :

Step 1 : Lowest Root Bridge ID (BID)
Step 2 : Lowest Path cost to Root Bridge
Step 3 : Lowest Sender BID
Step 4 : Lowest Port ID

So here is the trick, focus on these words Root, Path, Sender, Port. Using first alphabets of root, path, sender and port the sentence will be as follow:

Ruined Puzzles Sacrifice Programs

Other Useful Examples:

7 layers of OSI model:

Please DNot Tell Sales People Anything

Physical – Datalink – Network – Transport – Session – Presentation – Application

7 layers of OSI model in reverse order:

All People Seem TNeed Data Processing

Application – Presentation – Session – Transport-Network- Datalink – Physical

OSPF IPv6 LSA Types :

Routing Networks IIndeed A Great New Learning Initiative

Router LSA – Network LSA – InterArea Prefix LSA – InterArea Router LSA – AS External LSA – Group Membership LSA – NSSA LSA (Not so stubby Area) – Link LSA – IntraArea Prefix LSA

Protocol Independent Multicast PIM – SM v2 Message types: 

High Roads Reaching Jungle Blocked All Cars

  1. Hello
  2. Register
  3. Register-Stop
  4. Join/Prune
  5. Bootstrap
  6. Assert
  7. Candidate RP Advertisement

Remembering the list of Cisco IOS log severity levels.

Every Alley Cat Eats Watery Noodles IDoors

  • Emergency (0)
  • Alert (1)
  • Critical (2)
  • Error (3)
  • Warning (4)
  • Notifications (5)
  • Information (6)
  • Debug (7)

To remember BGP Best Path Algorithm

WLove Oranges AOranges Mean Pure Refreshment.

  • Weight (Highest is Better)
  • LOCAL_PREF (Highest is Better)
  • Originated Locally
  • AS_PATH (Shortest Wins)
  • ORIGIN Type (IGP is Lower than EGP and EGP is Lower than Incomplete)
  • MED (Lowest is Better)
  • Paths (External > Internal)
  • RID (Router ID – Lowest is Better)

Well-ordered mnemonic for the DHCP process. DORA, Discover DHCP server by broadcasting on the LAN segment, the DHCP server with Offer up an IP address, we will Request the IP address, and finally Acknowledge the IP address request.


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