Hey Folks,

I remember once i read the article “Triple CCIE” and thought what? will how it feels being as Triple CCIE holder and what you need to do? let’s reach the time where the guy is feeling the same, and finally after hard working in done and achieved my CCIE in SECURITY probably the toughest in CCIE history, well it has to be tough due to demand and importance of SECURITY in current universe.

As shared before “CCIE SEC v4” i started this journey few year back with initial plans about during the year i was really targeting to go for version 4 before it gets expired, well i was not expecting to see the changes very recent but an email pops up for new version on the time where i was nearly started by hands-on with labs. i got panic stressed then relaxed ok i do have 180 DAYS for version 4 and worse case i can go for version 5 but target it to achieve version 4.

I booked the lab exactly 4 months after the date of announcement so i planned to attempt 2nd if i failed the 1st before January 31st.

I started with Video trainings, bootcamp and then build the labs on UNL, it helped me to have full hands-on and free hands-on with real experience of Security Appliances. I booked the lab and time came for the attempt.

When i get to the lab i was not expecting the hardness of SECURITY but yes it is really tough and really tricky exam ever i saw in all CCIE journeys, i finished the lab in about 6 hours and start verification and took 2 hour exactly which helped me to fix lots of issues.

“ always target to finish the labs in 6 hour and leave 2 last hours for verification only, it will help you find lots of silly mistakes where it can cause you failing the lab “

CCIE SECURITY is more of experience than any other methods, you must know how technology are when you are going for security it is not only command line but real scenario is tested.

Lab finished and waited for result, traveled long way back and still 16 hours passed but no result. i slept and early in the morning the email pops which i got the result of passing the lab.

Overall experience with CCIE is always fun and a great journey where you feel actual nervousness and actual stress while working, challenges and then labs. Knowing that you really need to work around with security appliances even with version 5 like going to CISCO ISE, CISCO ACS and the IPS appliances, they are fun but they are the most tricky and complicated devices.

Although it is late planning to go for Security version 4 but i do encourage to go for the lab version 5 where they might probably introduce new and advance technology and where you will get real experience from real network.

So what now? have break, have some quality time with family until i get planned for the next but i might go with EC-COUNCIL before hitting other CCIE or will start back my CISSP where i left, oh yeah i failed CISSP with 10 Domain by 100 score only so that is next option where i can go for.

Cheers !

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