After long time, here i came back to blogging, and would like to start my preparation for CCIE Security Version 4 after i successfully passed my CCIE Service Provider back in October.

During this period i start my CISSP Course, which was quite interesting at the beginning and i start the Book Written by Steven Harnandes which was CBK for CISSP Edition III. My Bad luck that CISSP changes it’s domain structure back in April and comprise 10 domain into 8 domain, which was a great move but not for those who were preparing of the exam.. obviously some theories and some conceptual thoughts has been changed, but the tech will remain same as usual.

During this period i have visit CLUS 2015 in San Diego, and would say that Cisco LIVE is learning opportunity and it is very valuable conference by Cisco. The World of Solutions was amazing and i took most of the lectures, and classes which was all on Security. I learned that Cisco is more focusing in IOT and Security in US and Europe Market, they are targeting big businesses and innovation of new ideas for IOT and Security. Well i must say that they have start a good step in Sec World with development and deployment of new technologies and new innovation.

Overall Experience was just un-forgatable and i learned a lot, but back to home and got my review continued in CISSP but still those words which i heard from Event and peoples which i meet in the event was like take CISSP after 5 or 10 years, that is experienced Certification and not Technical as it is managerial and the market wise that Technical geeks has more market then being as a Manager with CISSP Certification. But after long time and after 10 Months, i decided to pause this training for a while, although the book was finished, CBT Videos by Keith Barker was also part of my training. But they all paused for a while, and will plan to resume after 5 or 10 Years, as i don’t need this for now, but i learned a lot and it is really interesting certification. So what to do Now?? Let’s get back to old stuff and old memories from Cisco, Although the passion and interest for Cisco is still in heart and i still Love Cisco so let’s get back to work.

As i mostly focusing in Security part now, so selecting CCIE SEC as my next track is not a big deal, but information gathering and resource gathering with Bootcamp will still remain a challenge. So let’s get to old diary and see what i have.

I would start the same way as i did for my RS and SP track can the first step is information gathering for the books and videos and also the workbooks which are recommended by experienced companies and also Cisco. I start first with INE, as it is the best source for the training and preparation. So i searched and found a complete list of Books for all CCIE track and surprised when i saw 9 Books which were are recommended for CCIE Security, which are:

  1. Cisco ASA: All-in-One Firewall, IPS, and VPN Adaptive Security Appliance
  2. Cisco ASA, PIX, and FWSM Firewall Handbook (2nd Edition)
  3. Cisco Network Security Troubleshooting Handbook
  4. Cisco Router Firewall Security
  5. IPSec VPN Design
  6. The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
  7. Cisco Access Control Security: AAA Administration Services
  8. Network Security Architectures
  9. Network Security Principles and Practices

So Some books might be easy and some might be new, but i can say according to the list most of the technologies are already covered in other domains. So will start with the First Book and see how it goes.

The plan is to have a smooth preparation and i don’t rush on this as beside my other projects i have to schedule most of my time for Cisco and will plan accordingly.

For now i would suggest to have this book list as a reading list and plan to start from 1 and onward. So i am starting the First book for Cisco ASA, All in ONE and will get the details and outcomes.

So let’s start the fun…

I will share my approach and all the funs i have during this journey.


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