MPLS Inter-AS (A)

Hey Folks, My SP lab training and preparation is going very smooth and i am almost ready to pick the date for my lab, as recently passed my written exam so need more focus on lab and preparation. I have picked the very nice technology of MPLS as my core study and willing to learn more on this and here […]

MPLS Auto-Config

Hey Folks, Having a tough period of studies and labbing, here i come with an interesting and probably very easy lab for the CCIE SP, but it is very interesting to understand and how to prevent from such during the lab.   Here i will talk a little about MPLS Auto-Configuration with different IGP in Cisco Platform, where we will […]

IS-IS Overview and LAB

 Hey Folks, Here is an interesting Link State Protocol, which is rare to be used in SMB or Small Enterprises but most of ISPs are using this protocol, since it doesn’t require any enhanced or advance design concepts, however there are some restrictions and some features associated with this protocol so let’s first see how it is different from other […]

MPLS TE Configuration FlowChart

Hey Folks, let’s get to the advance configuration of the MPLS on Cisco Platform, you are all already familiar for different types of configuration with the CE and PE, P Routers. Here we will discuss the Concept of TE (Traffic Engineering) on MPLS and Flowchart to configure the MPLS TE. So let’s first see what is MPLS TE: TE is […]

MPLS BGP PE-CE Routing Protocol

Hey Folks, here we will discuss the interesting LAB of MPLS for implementation of BGP on the Customer Site, or simple running BGP Protocol on customer site. Here we will see how BGP works on top of MP-BGP, and the Service Provider providing the Connectivity for the Different Customers which are all running BGP. We know that BGP version 4 (BGP4) […]

MPLS VPN Basic Configuration

Hey folks, as we discussed in our previous post regarding Basic Configuration on Cisco IOS , here we will continue with advance feature which is establishment of VPN on top of MPLS. Basically there were two Models of VPN which exist: Overlay VPN Overlay VPNs were initially implemented by the SP by providing either Layer 1 (physical layer) connectivity or a […]

MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS

Hey Folks, after long period here i come with a simple lab for the MPLS Configuration over the Cisco IOS, we discussed alot regarding MPLS and it’s impact on network but here we will start from the basic configuration of frame-mode MPLS and basic requirements for setting and establishment of MPLS over the a simple modified ISP network. In the scenario […]

IGMP Version 1

Hey Folks, let’s talk about an interesting topic which will both covered in R&S Track and mostly in Service Provider Track. IGMP Messages are used primarily by  multicast hosts to signal their local multicast router when they wish to join a specific multicast group and begin receiving group traffic. Host may also signal to the local multicast router that they […]

MPLS – Traffic Engineering

Folks, here let’s discuss how main subject and obviously interesting subject in Cisco Syllabus for the CCIE SP Track, i omit some description to ease the memorization of such topic so i hope you all have well understanding of MPLS and it’s function, keep in mind that the Notion of Traffic Engineering has existed since the first networks were invented. […]

MSDP Source-Active Messages

You all might have basic understanding of the Multicast and how it works in the network along with types/ways of implementation in the Cisco/Juniper Networks, here i will will not go deep on what is the Multicast but i will brief some basic understanding of the Multicast and then we will see what is MSDP and what are the SA […]