IGMP Version 1

Hey Folks, let’s talk about an interesting topic which will both covered in R&S Track and mostly in Service Provider Track. IGMP Messages are used primarily by  multicast hosts to signal their local multicast router when they wish to join a specific multicast group and begin receiving group traffic. Host may also signal to the local multicast router that they […]

IPv6IP Tunnel Mode Lab

You might saw some examples or Labs on this scenario where the ISP Provider Routers don’t support IPv6 infrastructure, or let’s say they are willing to enable IPv6 on their Core Routers, as this might not be an easy task due to lots of overload on the Provider Routers, or it has been scheduled for migration in a specific time, […]

Hot Standby Router Protocol

Here i came with a great article regarding the Cisco HSRP, it was a good experience while writing this article in Advance and Deep Level, so let’s get started. Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) is Cisco’s Proprietary Protocol which is used to provide redundancy in network. HSRP used port 1985 of UDP. A virtual IP address is used to provide redundancy […]

Mnemonics for Networking

Mnemonics is derived from a Greek word “mnemonikós”, which means Mind, this learning technique is used for information intention.  Mnemonics allows us to easily transform unrelated information into a form which is easily understood by our brain than its original form. In simple words, it helps us to remember unrelated information easily. Here is a technique to remember a list of […]

Cisco VIRL (Virtual Internet Routing Lab)

Cisco Live at Orlando announce Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL). It is Cisco’s answer to GNS3 or other IOS Simulator using virtualization to create virtual network topologies. This tools will be as revolutionary as GNS3, but at a much larger scale. It is an awesome tool that can be used for certification studying but also to validate production designs. An enterprise systems […]

Configuring EtherChannels

EtherChannel Technology allows us to bundle individual Ethernet links into a single logical link for high bandwidth. Cisco Devices support up to 8 interfaces to be bundled. However the bundled ports should be either FastEthernet or GigaEthernet ports and should be on same speed and duplex. In bundled ports if one link is down due to any layer the traffic […]