MSDP Source-Active Messages

You all might have basic understanding of the Multicast and how it works in the network along with types/ways of implementation in the Cisco/Juniper Networks, here i will will not go deep on what is the Multicast but i will brief some basic understanding of the Multicast and then we will see what is MSDP and what are the SA […]

Multilink PPP Interleaving Configuration

After working around with many interesting fragmentation part in Cisco IOS, i assumed to have a lab on the Multilink PPP scenario where your Edge router have multiple connection to the ISP Edge router and you would like to Fragment the Data, first let’s look what the fragmentation is and how it works: Link Fragmentation and Interleaving: LFI is a […]

IPv6IP Tunnel Mode Lab

You might saw some examples or Labs on this scenario where the ISP Provider Routers don’t support IPv6 infrastructure, or let’s say they are willing to enable IPv6 on their Core Routers, as this might not be an easy task due to lots of overload on the Provider Routers, or it has been scheduled for migration in a specific time, […]

Types of Delay

You all might have a basic understanding regarding the Delay in Network, here i will debrief some types of the Delay which are well-known in all Networks, but it will mostly focused in Cisco Environment: Delay: We Know that all the packets in a network experience some delay between when the packets is first sent and when it arrives to […]