• Name: Mohammad Zahid Stanikzai
  • Type: Network Manager
  • Degree: Master Business Management (IT)
  • DNA: Afghan
  • Inspired by: Technology
  • Believes: Technology
  • Favorite Technology: Traffic Engineering/Monitoring
  • Favorite Text: IETF RFC’s & IEEE standards!
  • Favorite Routing Protocols: OSPF | EIGRP & BGP |  ISIS | Security
  • Favorite Sport: Cricket


Quick Overview:

I have started my working career in end of 2003, when I was studying my 11th Class in High School, Obviously we are having 12th Grade Standards.

I finished my high school educations and then I start full time career in one of Joint-Venture companies, I realized that I have a better knowledge and understanding in technology and computers so I made my interest to start my Bachelor degree program in Business Management and Specialization in  Information and Technology, and Network Management. I started in 2010 and finished my Bachelor Degree in 2013. I then started my Masters Degree in Business Management with Specialization of IT Management and graduate on 2015.

I have working in many companies and Banks which helped me to make growth in my career and knowledge in IT and Networking, I started my Certifications programs from Systems which was Microsoft, I earned my final Certificate from Microsoft in 2010. I have also digg Well in Cisco, which is really interesting and awesome technology.

I made my passion and interest in Internetworking and I  have done my First CCIE in Routing & Switching v4 where it help me to focus on the Internetworking Career, now i have also done CCIE in Service Provider and CCIE in Security and proud to be among +- 500 peoples in the world.

You can refer to my Linkedin Profile which is almost updated and you can also follow me on twitter. Or refer to the Cv page for more..